Op-ed: #Somaliland celebrates 33rd anniversary of regaining sovereignty

After gaining independence from British colonial rule in 1960, Somaliland voluntarily – albeit mindlessly – united with Somalia to form the Somali Republic. However, internal conflicts, governance issues, imbalance of powersharing and resources, widespread persecution, and looting targeting large sections of the Somaliland population, culminated in a devastating civil war that claimed the lives of more than 200 000 Somaliland civilians, the destruction of cities and the displacement of more than half a million people, led to the dissolution of this union, prompting Somaliland to assert its independence once again.

As Somaliland celebrates this significant anniversary on 18 May, its leaders and citizens are looking to the future with optimism. Plans are underway to enhance economic growth, improve infrastructure, and strengthen governance. The vision for the coming years is one of a prosperous, self-reliant, and internationally recognized Somaliland.

The 33rd anniversary is not just a celebration of the past but a commitment to a future of peace, prosperity, and recognition. The people of Somaliland remain hopeful that their efforts will eventually lead to their rightful place in the international community.

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